About us

Welcome to the ironmass

What is CrossFit?

ironmass is not just a GYM. We’re a family of like-minded and high-spirited people. We come together daily to inspire, challenge, and motivate each other to do more… To become more! To max out each day and achieve the results previously deemed impossible!

Here the individuals who made a decision to challenge their own limits gather and train. The sweet moment of achieving the first visible results changes their lives forever!

Thanks to our constantly enhanced program of weightlifting, cardiovascular training, and body weight movements our attendees will find that boredom is a thing of the past. Constant engagement will become their fitness life’s norm.

Our staff of seasoned, skilled and remarkably motivated coaches will be right by your side. Day by day, throughout your entire CrossFit journey.

Did You Know…?

CrossFit is the world’s most popular strength and conditioning program. That one is employed by numerous police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units… As well as by champions in martial arts and hundreds of professional, even Olympics-level athletes.

CrossFit makes possible to practice a fitness that is universal by design. Basically, it does not matter what for you’re practicing the CrossFit routine. So whether you’re training for a combat, survival, sports, or life in general, CrossFit will help you. It will make your life and shape better and healthier.

The CrossFit program is designed to be as universal and scalable as possible.  It makes it the perfect application for any committed person. The best thing – it does so regardless of athletic of fitness experience of a person. The same routines can be applied to people with very different backgrounds. People as diverse as a man in his middle age, recovering from a heart attack and a professional MMA cage fighter!